Adding Extension Attributes to Crossware Email Signatures

24 Apr

I use a few of the Extension Attributes in AD, and recently had a request for letters after a users name for a single user. Rather than just changing their surname, a better route seemed to be to use an extension attribute for this.. Ther is a guide on the Crossware site for this, with a few caveats.

The first step is to update Azure AD Connect to sync the specified extension attributes. Once they have been uploaded you can then use the useful graph explorer to get the ID’s you need.

Navigate to and login.

Pop in a query along the lines of:

Scroll to the bottom and you will see the extension attributes that you need.

From the Crossware portal you can then create a new field from Active Directory:

The only issue I found is that if you later edit that field, it truncates the AD Attribute data to the first 50 characters and then, of course, it won’t work. I’ve contacted Crossware about this so hopefully, that’s a simple fix for them.