Adding Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam drivers to Windows Server 2012 R2

22 Jun

I have a HP Microserver under the TV running Plex and a few VM’s etc. I also have a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam and I use it for Skype calls with the family on the TV.

This wasn’t a problem when the server was running Windows 7, but the installer failed to run on server 2012 R2, even under compatibility mode as the O/S wasn’t supported.

A few posts that I read online basically just said that it’s not supported, the end. Anyway, after a little bit of playing I managed to get it working fairly easily.

I downloaded the drivers from Microsoft and then used 7Zip to extract the contents.

If you then navigate to the subfolder dx90c and then extract the cabs:

  • jun2010_d3dcompiler_43_x64
  • jun2010_d3dx9_43_x64

Inside these you will find a few .inf files. Right click on these and select install. Re cnnect your webcam and you’re away, simple.