Audi A3/S3 8P Rear Near Side Passenger Door Actuator Replacement

14 Dec

On colder and damper days, the rear passenger door wouldn’t fully unlock, meaning I had to open the driver’s door and learn through to open it using the internal handle, a bit more of a pain when you are holding a small child, and it’s raining.

Anyway, main deal price for this was quite steep so I thought I’d tackle it myself first.

The part number for this is: 4F0839015


(The rear drivers side actuator is part number 4F0839016 for reference)

I got the part required second hand delivered for £22.99, bargain.

First you need to remove the door card, to do this you need to carefully prize out the plastic trim (see photo below) and then unscrew the 2 T-20 Torx bolts. I removed a bit more than was required!


The door card will then clip off, prize if off in one place and then continue around the door card.

There are 2 wires that need unclipping to allow you to fully remove the card. You also need to unhook the interior door handle cable.

There is then another metal plate clipped in over the door handle cable, this just unclips fairly easily.


You can then unscrew the actuator unit from the side of the door. For this I purchased a “M8 SPLINE BIT 12 Point Socket 10mm Hex Driver” bit for a couple of quid. I also removed the smaller lower Torx bolt, this holds the lower part of the window rail in place and allowed me to remove the actuator more easily.


If you look at the actuator, there is a plastic clip connecting the actuator to the exterior door handle. Pressing in on the right hand side will open this clip allowing the threaded rod to be released. You will also need to unclip the power cable.


You can then swap out the actuator and reassemble the door.


And then maybe give it a clean if a small child has made it ever so slightly muddy!