Can’t mention users in SharePoint 2013 Discussions List

21 Aug

I’m running SharePoint 2013 and have a sub-site for a specific department. I wanted to try and stop long email threads that are difficult to follow and quite often contain people in the ‘To’ list that then get bombarded with emails when there is a reply to all and they can’t get out of it.

So, I setup a discussions list on my Team Site and created a discussion. I noticed that I couldn’t mention people like I could on the Community site that I had created using @name.

After a bit of searching, you need to enable this feature by going to ‘Site settings’ and then ‘Site features’ and then making ‘Community Site Features’ active.


Once active I could then mention users in the replies to the discussion that I had started. Annoyingly I could mention users in the main body of the original post, only follow-up replies. And even more annoyingly you can only mention 3 people per reply and there doesn’t seem to be any work around for this.


So good, but not great. If anyone has a fix on the limit of notifying only 3 users, that would be fantastic!