Cisco Extension Mobility with the UC540 and the 525G2

7 Nov

A rough guide on using extension mobility with the Cisco UG540 and 525G2 phones.

The basic idea being that you assign the phones all a default profile and enable extension mobility on that profile. Users can then login to phones when they are at a desk and still be a member of all their ring groups etc. If a user logs in again, they will be logged out of the previous phone too.

It works well, I don’t think its a perfect solution for a few reasons:

  • The button process on the handset it far from easy. I really hoped that there would either already be, or have the ability to allow me to create a hotkey for this. If there is, please let me know.
  • Users logging in with a user id consisting of letters on the number-pad isn’t ideal, perhaps allowing the users extension might be better, although I can see the downside to this too, if an extension changes for example, the user now has to remember something new.
  • I couldn’t seem to lock down the default phone profile, ideally I wanted the phone to be ‘offline’ unless somebody is logged in, this would also make it a bit more secure.

It could be that some of that is possible, but I just don’t know how.

Firstly in the CCA (Cisco Configuration Assistant) navigate to

  1. Configure
  2. Telephony
  3. Users and Extensions
  4. Users and Phones
  5. Extension Mobility Tab
  6. Phone Profiles Tab
  7. Add button

Then I created a basic profile, with an extension of 000 and the display to read ‘Please login’.

Then go to the User Extensions tab and either edition an existing phone, or add it if you know the MAC Address.

Here you simply enable Extension Mobility and then assign the profile that you created earlier.

You then need to create all the user accounts, head over to Extension Mobility and then User Profiles tab and add all your users.

I went for:

  • User ID: User initials (less to type in for them)
  • First Name and Last Name are obvious
  • Password : User selected 4 letters/numbrs
  • Extension: Their extension
  • Button label: Their Extension
  • Description: Initial Surname
  • Enable Voicemail

Then save that and the user is created, ready to login

On the actual handset, press the page hard button then select option 6, CME Services and then option 3, Extension Mobility.

Enter the User ID and Password and you’re done.