Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM)

24 Sep

I recently wanted a way to control all corporate mobile devices (iPhones, iPads ad other tablets etc) easily, the most important factor was being able to force the use of passcodes to unlock devices to help protect things like OneDrive and Email etc which all contain confidential information.

I came across Meraki MDM which is a free MDM cloud offering from Cisco. I was a bit dubious at first about how good a free product could be but I was pleasantly surprised.

Installation / Setup

The installation, or rather setup as it’s all cloud based, was pretty straight forward.

There guide here explains it in full detail but essentially these are the steps:

  1. Create an account here and confirm your email address.
  2. You next need to set your organizations Apple push certificate.
    1. Download the CSR
    2. Upload it to the Apple Push Certificate Portal (I created a separate work Apple ID for this)
    3. Enter the AppleID
    4. Upload your push certificate to the portal
    5. Click ‘Save’.
  3. On the left hand menu you can add devices for various O/S’s. You can scan the barcode for Android devices or on the iPhone use Safari to navigate to and enter your unique code.

You can add all of your devices now and look to control them below.


Once your phones are added, you will see them listed in the portal:



I haven’t configured that much as I really don’t need to lock users phones down but rather make thing easier for them. If you want there are a stack of available options:



Some things I have set however:

Under MDM -> Apps I have added a few apps that I want deployed to all devices:


Under MDM ->Profiles I created a standard profiles and then under MDM -> Settings -> Passcode I configured the passcode to be required with various settings that i will omit for security reasons.

Under MDM -> Settings – WiFi I added in the known WiFi networks and keys. If theye keys ever change in future I can update it here and all devices will then be updated (assuming that they still have connectivity of course!)

Under MDM -> Settings -> ActiveSync I added in the Exchange details. It’s worth noting here that under each client you should set an owner. For each owner you set a username, email address an name. When connecting to Exchange etc it then uses these stored details and only then prompts the user for their password, clever.

Under MDM -> Settings -> Web Clips I added out public website and uploaded a corporate icon. This adds a link to their device with a shortcut to the specified URL, quite handy.

Full Meraki and user guides documentation can be found here.

All in all a great product, let me know how you get on.