Controlling Microsoft Exchange store.exe Memory Usage

2 Feb

As we all know, Exchange will grab all the memory that it can. Anyway, my PRTG monitor was continually reporting the Exchange box had around only 5% memory and so it was time to do something about it.

The fix is pretty simple, Microsoft advise that Exchange be on it’s own box, but in my case there are some other business critical apps on there also and so I had to leave some RAM For them.



Connect using the naming context and select ‘Configuration’.

Navigate to

  • Configuration
  • Services
  • Microsoft exchange
  • First Organization
  • Administrative Groups
  • Exchange Administrative Group
  • Servers
  • ServerName
  • InformationStore



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Right click and edit the Information Store properties. Look for


Edit this field to select the upper memory limit for store.exe.

The calculation for this field differs based on Exchange 2007 (8KB pages) and 2010 (32KB pages).

To set Exchange 2010 to a 1GB limit:

  • 1GB = 1048576KB
  • 1048576KB/32KB = 32768


Once set, restart the information store and the new limit will be adhered to.