Creating Email Signatures with Office 365

7 Aug

Previously I have used Exclaimer for an on-premise Exchange server to add Email Signatures which worked very well. Since moving up to Office365 I have lost this functionality, although there is a Office365 version it didn’t seem to offer exactly what I wanted, although this could of course be my lack of understanding here.

Out current office setup has some PowerShell that runs from and Excel spreadsheet to create individual signatures for each users and then imports these into Office365 as mail flow rules which append a disclaimer based on the senders email address. This is not the best solution as it only applies it to the bottom of the message and so for Forwards and Replies it’s a bit messy.

I changed this just now so it’s only a single rule (called ‘Global Signature’) which is then dynamically generated for each user pulling in their AD details, so no more messy PowerShell and spreadsheets to keep on top of.

You will want to add a new rule to “Append the disclaimer” except if the subject matches “(RE:)|(FW:)”

The disclaimer is:

%%Firstname%% %%Lastname%%
Address etc...

If you don’t want to create your own HTML from scratch, just pinch one of these!

This is crying out for a simple ‘Email Signatures’ section in office 365 which can be automagically populated using AD details that is added to the bottom of the reply and not the entire email, please Microsoft…

Another neat idea is to prepend all messages that came from outside of the organisation with something along the lines of:

“Note: This email came from outside the DOMAIN Network. Please treat hyperlinks and attachments in this email with caution.”