Customised Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar XML via GPO

6 Oct

A set of locked down machines needed to be setup with a few applications available to make it very simple for the end users. The machines are all heavily locked down via GP to prevent and changes to them.

I first started to get the start layout and taskbar on a single machine exactly as I wanted. I then exported this to an XML file with:

Export-StartLayout –path c:\myxmlfile.xml

I also edited this in notepad to changed the headings for the various sections.

Note: Importing this custom XML is only available in Windows 10 Version 1511 and above.

Once the XML file was created, this was then pushed to all machines with group Policy and then a few GP changed to lock it down and use the XML file created:

Note: Changes to this XML file don’t seem to update after the users profile has been created on the machine. The only fix I found for this was to delete the users local profile from the machine and then when they next logged in, the updated XML file would apply.

Final Start & Taskbar Layout file:



End result: