Dell Command Update with Intune (no SCCM)

5 Jan

I needed a way to eaily update remote drivers on all machines, most (95%) of mine are Dell, with the Odd HP, Surface and Lenovo knocking around.

This may not be the perfect way but it works for now until I find a better solution.

Firstly, grab a copy of Dell Command | Update from their website. (Documentation)

I then pushed this out using Intune, with the registry check so that it only applied to Dell machines.

Annoyingly you can only check for the existence of a key and not the value so I ended up using: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\ACPI\DSDT\DELL__

I would have preferred to use:


I also popped in the command /silent.

I then configured the settings using Group Policy. I simply set it on my own machine as I wanted it and then used the Remote Registry Import Wizard on the server to copy these from my machine and deploy to all Desktop O/S’s using a WMI filter.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00















"systemrestorepointname"="Dell Updates"






You can obviously change these settings as you see fit.

You will notice that the software itself isn’t actually running, but it created a Scheduled Task to run the checks as per your specified frequency.