GoDaddy VPS Time Zone Keeps Auto Changing – Registry Fix

10 Nov

Right, another day, another problem. I have another VPS, this one is with GoDaddy, and generally I’m quite happy with it, I’ve only had to contact GD once, to upgrade it and that was fairly painless, other than my 10% discount no longer being valid after the upgrade.

Having setup the server with all the usual bits and pieces, I then changed the time zone on the box to GMT and carried on getting it ready. Later on I noticed that it had swapped back to mountain time (-07:00) and this was throwing everything out. So, I changed it again and this time watched closely, and sure enough, it changed back. I tried all sorts to stop it changing, stopping the Windows Time Servicer, disabling automatic updates but nothing seemed to work. It seems that the issue is the VM host being set to Mountain Time, thus causing the VM client to follow suit.

I did placed a support ticket with GD but as yet I haven’t heard back, so I went to my friend Google. After lots of searching, I came across this article which roughly translates as “remove all the other time zones from your registry and then it won’t be able change”. I liked this thinking and so I set about testing it.

Load regedit and navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ TimeZoneInformation

I then exported the Timezoneinformation sub tree to the desktop and then made a copy of this and in this copy I removed every time zone except GMT. I then deleted the Timezoneinformation sub tree and imported the modified copy that I have just made.

I’m looking at it now and it’s still showing GMT, so I’m fairly confident in saying that I think this might have possibly just about probably worked!

Update: I’ve just rebooted the box and everything is running just how I want it – awesome!