Linksys DMA2100 Freezing on Boot

11 Jun

One of my DMA2100’s just would not boot recently. It would turn on, and normally the blue light flashes exactly 20 times before it starts up, but for some reason it just constantly flashed, and as a result, no Family Guy.

This was a big big problem, especially with the Grand Prix on this weekend too so I set about investigating the issue. I came across a few posts on the Green Button, and one which pointed to Amulet Devices Blog.

It seemed that it was trying to talk to a Linksys server and for some reason and either this server was offline, or it just doesn’t exist anymore.

Sure enough, when I ran my own packet sniffers I could see connections to (

The simple fix I went for was to first assign fixed IP’s to all my Linksys DMA2100’s (the NIC’s MAC addresses all start with 00:1d:7e:a3) in my m0n0wall firewall. I then set LAN rules blocking them from talking to (I created this as an alias in case I need to modify it later on).

Incidentally, the boot time is now a bit faster also, 16 flashes instead of 20, win.