Modifying a LM12 Lamp Module

23 Sep

A lot of the lights in our house are now on motion detect, all halls, bathrooms, the kitchen, utility room and also the garage. I use the Hawkeye PIR sensors and then modified LM12’s as inline modules above the lights in the ceiling (which are mostly halogen lights now as they look a lot neater and are out of the way).

The LM12 is a X10 lamp dimmer that plugs into the mains and then you plug your table light into that. However, with some very easy modifications, you can stick it in between the lighting circuit and your lights. Also, if you have made holes in your ceiling for the halogen fittings, you will find that the modified LM12 can fit nicely through that hole and rest out of the way above the ceiling.

Anyway, simply unscrew the LM12 (don’t forget the one behind the fuse), pull off the plug section at the bottom, and then fit a 4 way chock block to the wires at the bottom. You will also need a spare blue neutral wire to connect the end terminals, you could do this with 3 way chock block, but this way is a neater solution.

Then from left to right (from the front of the LM12) connect the wires in the following order

  • Black + Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Blue

It’s worth noting than in the more recent modules that I’ve bought and modified, the brown wire is instead dark blue, just to confuse matters.

Once you have created your modified LM12 module, you then connect it to your lighting circuit as follows (again from left to right):

  • LOAD Neutral (- Light)
  • SUPPLY Live (+ Wiring)
  • LOAD Live (+ Light)
  • SUPPLY Neutral (- Wiring)

Set the X10 code wheels and program you Hawkeye X10 sensor and you’re away. I also have blanking plates over the original wall switches, to stop people turning them off!

See here for the original guide that I used.