Office 2016 Deployment with Microsoft Intune

26 Feb

I wrote a post a while back on Office 2013 Deployment with Intune.

With Office 2016 now out, it was time to look to roll out the new version.

I started off by changing the Office 2013 App deployment, and basically no longer deploying this to all machines.

The idea being that machines that had 2013 would keep this version, all new builds (or machines that didn’t have Office, or that had Office uninstalled) would then get the new 2016 version.


First, I downloaded the Office 2016 Deployment Tool, then ran this and extracted the files locally.

2016-02-26 (1)

I then created configuration.xml which looked like this:

I then created a new App in the Intune portal with the following settings:

2016-02-26 (2)

(This is the edit package screen, the only difference when creating a package is the files that you upload, this was simply setup.exe and tick the checkbox to ‘Include additional files and subfolders from the same folder’)

2016-02-26 (8)

2016-02-26 (3)

2016-02-26 (4)

Check for Registry Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\O365ProPlusRetail – en-us

2016-02-26 (5)

Command Line Arguments: /configure configuration.xml

2016-02-26 (6)

2016-02-26 (7)

The I set this to deploy to all machines, job done.