Online Backups with ElephantDrive

20 Apr

We currently have a few externally hosted dedicated servers that are through a pretty reputable company and we have had these for a couple of years now with no problems. All the machines have RAID and all the data (both IIS and SQL) is backed up regularly.

Until now the data was only backed up within the current hosted facility that the servers exist in, which for most users probably isn’t an issue, however, when all your corporate data and contacts is held there, and there is an outside chance (we’re talking a pretty catastrophic disaster here) that we could lose it all, it’s a little bit of a concern.

Over all the servers, I have roughly around 150GB of data split over 5 servers, most of this is database backups with the odd IIS backup and config file in there also.

I looked around at a few Online backup options and various cloud options and discovered quite quickly that there is a hell of a lot of choice. Everyone’s needs are different, so my choice is dependant purely on the amount of data I have and how regularly I want to back it up, and of course my budget.

I am currently trailing ElephantDrive, the Business Pro Edition, on a 15 day free trial (although a credit card is required for this). This gives me:

So, 1TB is pretty adequate right now, although my backups never get any smaller! The account was very easy to setup and was ready right away. After this it was simply a case of installing the software on each server, entering my username and password, selecting which folders I wanted to backup and off it went. (You need to install Java for the software to work, you can get it here)

The backups are all encrypted and you can access you backups from any web browser under the “My Account” section and then “Access Your Files”.

I’ve only just set it all up today, so I will write an update in a week or so and tell you how it performed.


Well, its been running for over a week now and I’m happy with the results. I just performed a few test downloads through the explorer interface and it was quick and simple. My only complaint would be that you are only told that there is a transfer in progress and given no indication as to how long is left.

The only issue I ran into is that you are limited to files with a maximum of 2.5GB on the Pro Package. The next package up allows 5GB per individual file but is a hell of a lot more expensive. The full package list can be found here. To get around this I have a script the converts my SQL backups to RAR’s so I modified the script to split the RAR’s into separate volumes with a maximum size of 1GB – back of the net! See my post here on how to do this.