PFSense Upgrade 1.2 -> 1.2.3

9 Feb

I figured I was about time I upgraded out PFSense box, mostly because I wanted to play with the new packages available for 1.2.3.

The upgrade from 1.2 is simple, just head to the “Firmware” option on the left:

And then select the upgrade file (pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.3-RELEASE) which you can download from here.

If you are upgrading from 1.2, you can ignore this  error that will appear saying that the signature is invalid:

The digital signature on this image is invalid.
This means that the image you uploaded is not an official/supported image and may lead to unexpected behavior or security compromises. Only install images that come from sources that you trust, and make sure that the image has not been tampered with.

Do you want to install this image anyway (on your own risk)?

This apparently comes about because of the release key being destroyed (see here)

Note on Release Signing for 1.2 (not 1.2.1) users
The key for signing releases and its backup were inadvertently destroyed. This means you’ll get a warning that the release is unsigned, unless you are updating from a recent 1.2.1 snapshot. You can either just click through that warning, or install the Pubkey package you will find under System -> Packages. If you wish to update the file manually from a secure source, you can overwrite /etc/pubkey.pem with this file.

Anyway, click ‘Yes’ and proceed.

I first tried in on an exact copy of my live box to test that it would work fine and it took about 3 minutes for the whole process to complete.

Once upgrades I then installed the ‘Rate’ package which upgrades the Traffic Graph feature to show individual IP’s in real time:

I also installed bandwidthD which shows Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly data usage, broken down by IP and protocol which is very cool:

All in all, not bad for a few minutes work.