Programming Linksys DMA2100 Remote

23 Mar

This is mostly for my reference, but if you have a Linksys DMA2100 or DMA2200 you will know that the volume, mute and spare power buttons don’t work. This is because they need to be programmed for use with your TV/Amplifier.

Follow the steps below to program the remote control:

  1. Linksys Remote: Simultaneously push DVD menu and OK button
  2. Linksys Remote: The green light at the top of the remote should now be on 
  3. Linksys Remote: Press the key you want to program
  4. TV Remote: Face it at the Linksys Remote and press the key that you want to copy the code for
  5. Linksys Remote: Press the red dot button (bottom left from OK button) to complete the setup

Repeat the above steps for each remote button you want to train.

I sucessfuly set the volume, mute and power button on the remote to allow me to control the TV and amplifier.