Programming X10 KR22E Marmitek Keychain X10 Remote

22 Mar

I have 2 Marmitek KR22E Remote controls, 1 for the bedroom and 1 for the lounge. Now, the remote has 10 buttons in total, 1 On and Off, 2 On and Off, 3 On and Off, 4 On and Off and then also Dim/Bright buttons.

Generally, you set the remote (via a combination of holding and pressing certain buttons, see a user guide here). When you program the remote you effectively set 1 On to be a certain House and Unit Number, and buttons 2, 3 and 4 are then automatically assigned consecutive addresses. For example, if you programmed 1 On to be F5, then 2 On would be F6 On, 2 Off would Be F6 off, 3 On would be F7 On etc etc. So, this kind of limits what you can control, unless you only have a small number of X10 devices of course.

In my case, where I have many X10 devices I needed something a bit more powerful. So, I set the downstairs remote to use the addresses C1 – C4. Within Harmony (My X10 software) I then created devices with the addresses C1 – C4. These devices don’t physically exist, but when the buttons on the remote are pressed, the state of these devices are updated.

With me so far? Ok, so, the downstairs remote in the lounge is set out like this (Thanks to my Dymo, I have toyed with the idea of getting custom adhesive labels printed, that will exactly fit the KR22E, might need a group buy for that though – contact me if interested):

1 On = Lounge TV (C1 On)
1 Off = Lounge Light On/Off (C1 Off)
2 On = Den TV (C2 On)
2 Off = Lounge Light 40%/100% (C2 Off)
3 On = Dining Room Light (C3 On)
3 Off = Den Light (C3 Off)
4 On = Everything Off, Bed Mode (C4 On)
4 Off = All Lights Off (C4 Off)

Then I have quite a few events set that run when the virtual devices I created have a status update. For example:

Event_01 – Run on: Device C1 turned On
Prerequisite: Lounge TV Is On
Run: Lounge TV: Set to Off

Event_02 – Run on: Device C1 Turned On
Prerequisite: Lounge TV Is Off
Run: Lounge TV: Set to On

So, from using 1 button only now, if the Lounge TV is off, it will turn on. If it’s on, it will turn off. Pretty simple really. The other buttons work in the same way, except the Lounge dim setting, or movie mode as I like to call it. C1 Off turns the Lounge light on and off and basically sets it to the opposite state of what its currently in. C2 Off however, toggles between the lounge light being at 40% and 100% brightness, but effectively it works in the same way that the others work. For example, if its at 100% brightness, C2 Off will cause it to dim to 40%, pressing it again will cause it to return to 100% brightness.

The upstairs remote controls are slightly different, I’ve added heating and hot water control to that. I figured setting the heating whilst in bed could be very useful, If I’m in the lounge, chances are I’m already up and awake and can manage to either set the heating and hot water on via the media centre, or walk the 5 steps to the AW10 in the utility room.

This whole setup renders the Dim/Bright buttons useless, but that’s not an issue, as I can now set 8 devices, rather than the 4 that I could originally set. Sweet.