PRTG Dashboard

27 May

I thought I’d share my PRTG network monitoring dashboard, I actually have quite a few of them although this is the main one that I use which I have running 24/7 on a separate monitor on my desk. I also update it fairly regularly as the infrastructure changes and PRTG add new sensors.


I’ve pixelated some of it as it, but you get the idea. It includes:

  • I’ve added some LDAP information there to show me locked user accounts etc.
  • I’ve got a login script in GP which stores every logon and logoff along with the machine name etc in a SQL DB, and then I wrote a simple .net page to putt this information and display it in a nice table.
  • I’ve got network traffic monitoring on all my main VM’s and cluster hosts. The hosts are all NIC Teamed and so I also monitor each NIC in each team (I also have upper and lower limits on these which then display red.)
  • Network traffic at each site
  • All warning and error alarms
  • I have pooled machines which users use for testing (and the reset at logoff) and so it also shows me how many machines are free in each pool
  • CPU and RAM use for each host in my cluster
  • Disk space for each LUN in my SAN