PRTG Monitoring with Netgear ReadyNAS OS 6.2

11 Jan

I recently added a Netgear ReadyNAS unit with 4 * 4TB HDD’s with RAID5 for some archive storage over iSCSI.

I wanted to monitor the unit using PRTG, specifically the disk status so that the RAID integrity was not compromised.

I added a PING to check the unit (The NICs were set to bonded, teamed.) and then set about monitoring the disks etc.

First you will need to enable SNMP on the NAS unit, see here.

You can grab the Netgear ReadyNAS MIB file from here.

Once you have that, grab the free PRTG MIB Importer and Converter application from here. Open that and IMPORT the MIB file that you just downloaded, then FILE, SAVE AS and give it a name, i.e. ‘ReadyNAS’.

Copy¬†this converted file into your ‘snmplibs’ filder, i.e.:¬†C:\Program Files (x86)\PRTG Network Monitor\snmplibs

From the PRTG console you can then add a ‘SNMP Library’ and select the .oidlib file that you just copied over.


You will then be able to select the items that you wish to monitor.