PXE-E55 WDS, ProxyDHCP service did not reply on port 4011

25 Jul

I was recently building a load of machines, almost all of which worked fine by PXE booting and loading a vanilla Windows 10 O/S, Ver. 1703.

I lean towards a completely vanilla build of the basic O/S (this removes any bloatware that came pre-installed) with nothing else installed or configured. It’s pretty much ZTO using PXE. Once I get a machine, I will build or rebuild it, give it a clean and then it will go in to the cupboard until needed. All my configuration is then later done via Group Policy when the machine is added to the domain it will be used on.

One old laptop wouldn’t boot using PXE, I tried updating the BIOS but this didn’t help. I then found that changing the DHCP settings fixed this however, these are the current DHCP settings:

Namely, removing “PXEClient” from option 60, but leaving the entry in place and adding the boot file name in option 67.