RDS Server goes missing when you publish a RemoteApp in Server 2012

1 Jul

I setup my Windows 2012 RDS box and everything worked well. However, once I published a RemoteApp the RDS server itself went missing from my RDWeb page.

A little annoying, but there is a pretty simple fix (found here)

Basically, share the Remote Desktop Connection program and the edit it and pass in the parameter:

/v: <FQDN of the RDSH server>

See here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-vista/use-command-line-parameters-with-remote-desktop-connection

mstsc [<connection file>] [/v:<server[:port]>] [/admin] [/f[ullscreen]] [/w:<width>] [/h:<height>] [/public] | [/span] [/edit “connection file”] [/migrate] [/?]