SCCM DPM 2012 R2 Console Hanging when Opening

3 Mar

On my Secondary DPM server (Which currently sits on an Azure A2 VM) I could not open the admin console. Every time I did, it would show the splash screen “Now loading…” and would stop there.

I restarted all the DPM and SQL services, restarted the box, performed consistency checks on the SQL database but the error was persistent.


After scouring the web I came across a few possible solutions.

The first was from the DPM shell (run as administrator) running:

dpmsync - sync

This finished with no errors but did not fix the issue.

I then went into SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and ran

UPDATE tbl_TE_TaskTrail

SET ExecutionState = 3,

LastStateName = 'Failure',

StoppedDateTime = GetUtcDate()

WHERE ExecutionState NOT IN (2,3)

UPDATE tbl_JM_JobTrail

SET JobState= 'Failed',

EndDateTime = GetUtcDate()

WHERE jobstate= 'Execute' OR jobstate= 'Retire'

(0 row(s) affected)

(0 row(s) affected)

But again, this failed to fix the issue. The last effort was to run:

DELETE FROM dbo.tbl_IM_ProtectedObject

WHERE ProtectedObjectId IN (

SELECT PO.ProtectedObjectId        FROM dbo.tbl_IM_ProtectedObject AS PO        JOIN dbo.tbl_AM_Server AS SRVR        ON PO.ServerId = SRVR.ServerId        WHERE (CONVERT(VARCHAR(4096),PO.ComponentName) = 'System State' OR CONVERT(VARCHAR(4096),PO.ComponentName) = 'Bare Metal Recovery')        AND PO.ProtectedInPlan = 0        AND PO.ProtectedObjectId NOT IN (SELECT ProtectedObjectId FROM dbo.tbl_IM_ProtectedObjectAlerts)        AND LOWER(CONVERT(XML,PO.LogicalPath).value(               '(/child::ArrayOfInquiryPathEntryType/child::InquiryPathEntryType[attribute::Type="Server"]/attribute::Value)[1]',               'VARCHAR(4096)'        )) != LOWER(SRVR.ServerName) )

(2 row(s) affected)

Which low and behold did fix it, bingo!