Sony Ericsson LiveView Watch

15 Mar

I came across this LiveView a while ago when I was first toying with the idea of getting an Android, in fact I did briefly own an X10 Mini, but it was rubbish and the battery life was awful so I got rid. I was, at the time, going to get the matching LiveView watch but as I didn’t keep the phone I gave up on that too. Anyway, the watch is now currently on sale at for £15 delivered (down from £69.99), and at that sort of money it was worth a gamble, even though the reviews are still pretty bad generally.

First things first, download the LiveView Android software for your phone. Then, after charging it and pairing it, it was losing Bluetooth connectivity with the phone, as I suspected it might from the reviews. I downland the Sony Ericsson update services software and proceeded to update the device. this took only a couple of minutes and seems to have made it more stable.

It’s not the best looking wrist watch (it also comes with a rear clip attachment) but then again its not the worst I guess. I found a few apps available for download for it on Google Play (The old Market place), none of which are fanstasic but I will keep having a play with these.

The screen is quite small, but you can just about read tweets and texts on there. I can’t tell you the battery life as its still running from its first charge. It comes with a plug micro USB charger, the 2 rear attachments and the wrist strap.

There are 2 ways this project could go, I was tempted to make this a permanent fixture in my car, although im struggling to see what purpose it would serve. I’m also tempted to link it into my home automation, but again, I don’t think it will serve any real purpose.

More to come on this after I’ve used it for a few days…


Ok, so it’s cheap for a reason, it really doesn’t work, it’s useless. I still plan on seeing what else I can use it for, but for a watch… no.