Syncing an iPod with Windows Media Player, cutting out iTunes

17 May

I’ve steered clear of the apple stuff for a while, mostly because I thought it was all over priced and now mostly because there’s i-stuff everywhere, everyone has one.

I opted for the HTC Desire-S as my mobile of choice a while back and I’m still happy with that now, the iPhone was a contender but I really wanted to get into Android development, I still do, one day. I also have a modded HP TouchPad running android as my tablet of choice which works well, again the iPad was a contender but I got the TouchPad in the fire sale for an absolute bargain.

Anyway for my birthday i wanted a new MP3 player mostly for when out i’m running but I also have an Alpine Stereo in my car which i can hook an i-device to and the iPod nano does work very well and has great battery life. The only down side was iTunes, it’s not that great, not on Windows anyway (which is my O/S of choice) and I run Windows Media Centre at home with a lot of extenders which links in nicely with Media Player, but not at all with iTunes.

I could have done some hacks but I really wanted a simple and neat approach. This led me to MGTEK dopisp. And I have to say it works really well. I’m still in the trial right now but will most probably be shelling out the 20 bucks for the full version soon.

I also had the problem that the iTunes library was not updating when I was adding new albums to my collection. I had to clean the library data and then add the music folder again, then I lot all play lists, it was quite annoying.

The install is dead easy, now i simply plug in my iPod and sync it the Media Player, no iTunes, no problems.

More to come on this when I’ve had more of a play.