Upgrading DirSync to Azure AD Connect

19 Dec

I finally got around to moving over from DirSync at the weekend, or rather Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) to Azure AD Connect. For those who don’t know, this software sits locally and basically keeps your local AD in sync with Office365.

There have been a few versions over the years and the differences can be a little confusing.

Anyhow, the upgrade was relatively painless and didn’t take too long, all the planning and contingency planning took the time.

Post upgrade I did have an issue with password changes not syncing. with the previous DirSyn install, this was resolved with “Set-FullPasswordSync” however for Azure AD Connect I used the following:

#Show the current sync details

#Set the customised syn interval
Set-AdSyncScheduler -CustomizedSyncCycleInterval 00:10:00

#After changing the above, run this to set it live

The Next step is now ADFS, watch this space.