Upgrading HP N54L BIOS for Server 2012 R2

19 Jun

Following on from a previous post where I looked to ditch MCE (a very sad day, although, I may not fully ditch it, more on that later).

I decided to install Server 2012 R2 on my N54L HP MicroServer. So, installed the ISO on a USB key and booted, set the install going and then after the first reboot it hung for ages at the dotted circle animation. I tried another reboot and exactly the same thing happened.

After turning to Google I came across this article which was exactly what I needed. So I set about downloading this and creating my bootable USB stick to update my BIOS.

However, upon booting from the USB key it would error with:

ROMPAQ might take a few minutes to get started, please be patient...

Command or filename not recognized.

Having then inspected the USB key there were all sorts of random files on there, some of which looked like they had come from my temporary items folder. Seriously there were some .rdp files in there and shortcuts to some custom applications that are nothing to do with HP, very odd!

I then found this article which again was the exact same issue that I was facing. So I copied over all the files from the “Flat Files” directory on to my USB stick, rebooted the server and the BIOS updated just fine.



I then ran a fresh install of Windows Server 2012 R2 and everything worked as expected.

Ultimately I might now stick Win 7 MCE on a VM in there and if I can get it to talk to a USB TV tuner, or two. I can then have it record OTA TV Shows and then share that directory as a new library in Plex and stream that out to every Roku on the home network, more to come on this in a later post.

Download HP N54L BIOS Update: SP64420