Using multiple tuners in Vista Media Center (MCE)

16 Mar

One of the limitations of Vista Media Centre is that officially it only supports 2 tuners. As I’ve got 5 DMA2100 extenders dotted around the house, only having 2 tuners is not really that practical. There are only 2 of us in the house, but its quite feasible that we could end up with each of us watching separate channels in separate rooms, and then also have at least one program recording.

This is where MCE Turner Extender comes in handy. It saves you having to hack around with th registry and is dead simple to use. MCE Tuner Extender was originally written by Ramon Van Bruggen (that’s a pretty cool name I think) and was hosted here, but that site has been down for a little while now, so I’m hosting it myself. You can now download it here.

You will need the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 to run this (if you haven’t already got it), you can get that here.

Download the file (It’s compressed with 7-zip, you can download that here: MCETunerApp.7z [124.50 kb]) and then run it. It should look something like this:

Any tuners that are disabled will be highlighted in red. Click on any of the red tuners that you wish to enable and then provide a name for it, one that is unique to that tuner.

Then, reboot you MCE box and re-scan you channels. You can then test it out by recording 4 (or however many tuners you have) channels simultaneously.

It’s been working perfectly for me for 2 years now, so another application that gets the thumbs up!