Windows could not search for new updates, Code 80072EE6

1 Jul

So today I started work on our new, New Zealand based VPS. We currently have a 2k3 box and are about to roll out a few new sites and so it was time to update to 2k8.

As per usual, I decided to get all the updates in place before I spent time configuring to box and quickly came across a problem. Windows update was reporting:

Windows could not search for new updates

Code 80072EE6

I initially put this down to an incorrect WSUS address but this didn’t seem to have been set and after a bit of Googling it turns out the answer was kind of starring at me, although not hugely obviously I must say.

While I tried and tried again, the correct approach would have been to click on ‘Check online for updates from Windows Update‘. This then installed ‘Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.226’ which in turn then allowed me to download the rest of the missing windows updates.

Once sorted everything worked as expected.


Simple when you know how eh?